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  • Please keep making these videos. They are heartbreaking yet heartwarming.


  • LOL, that was SO accurate!


  • LOL! I love it! You can tell it's written by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.


  • ...That advice is money.  This webcast is so perfect for other couples struggling with infertility. How awesome of them to make a funny out of it!


  • So much truth in that video and in the title!


  • I really enjoyed it. It is great that they can put a spin on the issue.


  • You've gotta "surprise the uterus" LMFAO


  • Love it!!! Can't wait to see more. I posted on the TTCAL board.


  • LOL Yep. Love it.


  • I'm the guy that sold u ur wine for your release party. I just watched the 1st episode and it's #HILARIOUS! Keep em comin!

    —DJ_Alterego J_Millz

  • Hilarious - and so true! Thank you for bringing some humor to a stressful situation.

    —Sara Scheller

  • This is a great little webisode for those of us struggling with IF. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.


  • The...web series they do is pretty hilarious. My personal favorite is "expensive"


  • Oh gosh this is exactly the silly laugh I needed today. lol


  • Funny...I though some of it was spot on. I can relate with the dairy! Lol


  • This is amazing!...I just binged on the whole series (while drinking a glass of wine and feeling the cramps of AF starting). Just what I needed. I'm gonna make sure DH watches, too.


  • LOL! I admit it...I've totally evil eyed Babies R Us...I need to watch the others.


  • These are funny. I posted the "occupied" episode on my FB page to explain something to somebody that I really didn't feel like publicly explaining what exactly we're doing. I was like, "This should pretty much explain it for you."


External reviews & news

Family Australia magazine
"None in the Oven tackles the delicate subject of infertility with real-life humor."

— Family Australia Magazine

Screen capture of review on VideoChick
"This could be my new favorite web series. Infertility is not a laughing matter, except when it totally is..."

— DigitalChickTV

“...if you sat back and watched what goes on. The things that we do to ourselves, say to each other, reveal to friends and family, and the positions we um put ourselves in are quite frankly hilarious. None in the Oven is a comedic and poignant look at the inspired-by-real-life struggles of a couple trying to conceive. If you are expecting a soapy woe-is-me journey, you won’t be getting it.” Read complete review

Screen shot of None in the Overn Review on Babble


“...the best laughs usually come from things that are based in truth…in common experi-ences.”

— Nichole, Babble

"I’ve written before about how there are so many times when you’re struggling with infertility when you have to laugh or you’ll simply cry.

And for me, the best laughs usually come from things that are based in truth…in common experiences.

Today, I checked out the first webisode of None in the Oven and nodded and giggled through the entire five-minute show." Read complete review

Screen shot of None in the Overn Review on Babble
“...some of the stories Kristen was telling us are hilarious. At the heart of it you have this couple you want to root for.”

— Ventura County Star

"Actress Kristen Sullivan and her husband have been dealing with the disappointment of unexplained infertility for more than two years, so the Los Angeles actress found a funny way to share her frustration: She helped create a Web series about it.

Sullivan reached out to her film industry friends on Facebook for production help, and Simi Valley native Heather Hillstrom was among those who answered the call. Together, they teamed up with a small group of industry friends, including co-producer Sarah Rath of Los Angeles, to develop and produce a new comedy Web series called "None in the Oven." Read complete article

VBCtv Screen Shot

Thanks to VBCtv Web Entertainment Network for making "None In The Oven" a featured web series!




"Totally worked" !! RT @NoneInTheOven1 just launched 1st episode of comedic webseries about infertility!

"Novi News Briefs - None in the Oven web comedy launches"
Novi Observer & Eccentric

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