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None in the Oven

None in the OvenParenting magazines, hand-me-down baby furniture, Angelina Jolie – Kristen (Kristen Sullivan) and Clay (Mark Bloom) are surrounded by new life, and anxious to send out a birth announcement of their own, but their special delivery seems to be lost in the mail. Armed with treatments natural, pharmaceutical, and psychological, the couple decide to document their labors toward labor as they weather the storm of crowded fertility clinics, toddlers’ taunting stares, and advice from friends with no personal boundaries in hopes that the proverbial stork will finally type their address into his GPS.

In 2010, it occurred to Kristen Sullivan that some of her and real-life husband Clay’s encounters with infertility, while frustrating, were also actually pretty funny. The actress teamed up with writer-director Heather Hillstrom and producer Sarah Rath, who brought with her a background in television and post-production. Working nights and weekends – often after 9 p.m. to avoid cell phone overages – and with the help of talented actors and generous friends, the three assembled a crew (their friend Edam) and created six webisodes based on Kristen and Clay’s personal experiences, all on a budget of a few hundred dollars. The incubation is over: Kristen, Heather and Sarah are proud to welcome None in the Oven.